Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Sweet Honey Course

Extracted from Chelsea's Blog, she came down for another of our nail experiment sessions...haha. Did not have time to complete her sis's nails, so only did the base... oredi have some idea on wat to put on-top her sis's different colored gradient base though...juz got no time... ;-(
The cute tip of the ginger-bread man, ice-creams,etc. are some stuff taught in our latest 
"sweet sweet honey course"...
enquiries welcome! \(^.^)/

Wednesday, February 10
080210 - Drove down to Pink Room w Cheryl in the evening. Soaked off my polka dots nails. The nails are still in good condition. Did it about 3 weeks ago. Only problem was that my nails grew out. Exposing my nail bed =( Could have done infill. But we decided to remove it and do a new design for CNY =D

And tadah!!! My thumb...!! There's a gingerbread man, cookies, ice cream......

We were looking for a nice backgrd and I insisted on using the LG Lollipop brochure. Hehe. Rachel and Cheryl couldn't stand me. They kept insisting that the phone is no good, cause there's no functions. And cause it's a lousy phone, they need to have pretty colourful brochures to attract pple.

Anyway, back to topic, that's not my thumb nail. It's on a nail tip. And I fixed it on just for photo taking purposes. My nails are resting now. Cause we were hungry and decided to go for dinner/supper instead.

Cheryl's nails.. which are not ready. That's only the base.

Cheryl curing her nails with the UV lamp.

We had Crystal Jade at Holland Village. Together with Rachel, Nicole and Joe...


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