Friday, January 22, 2010

Gel Polished Nails...Cute ^.~

Since i'm in town, did a set of cute nails for my dear sweet gal... before everyone starts to rant; since when am I servicing customers?... she's not a salon customer; she's been a great support & friend. Also, she's our hand model for most competitions & photo shoots.

Removed Joe's acrylic extensions from our last photo shoot & painted ANGEL-PRO's gel polish onto her real nails.
I figure this was the fastest solution after removing her extensions, as there was no much time for me to do much as everyone's waiting for her at maxwell market.. Took only about 30 mins to complete the pearl-white and red-polka dots french design, coz itz totally like nail polish & cure instantly under the UV light.
I thot of Louis before painting the time no time.. (..Coz Louis soak off the extensions & mickey mouse is his favourite character..) ...actually was doing more minnie mouse than mickey..haha!
But imagine this..Joe's acrylic extensions lasted till now, amazing no lifting..I think he did her nails early dec 2009. The power of CHARISMA ACRYLIC NAIL SYSTEM..WOoo.

Check out wat she posted on her blog:
Thursday, January 21
Oh~ I think there's something wrong with me. But I loveeeeee the smell of the (nail) gel cleanser. Can smell it on my nails now.
I went over to Pink Room after that. Louis soaked off the extensions, and Principle Rachel did gel overlay for me. She used AngelPro gel. And it's sooooooo cute! =D

And I want to mention that everyone should start using this technique!

1. It's Took less than an hour to complete this.
2. Lasts longer than nail polish. You know how polish chips after a few days, this doesn't.
3. V.shiny! It's like having a new coat of topcoat all the time!
4. Can keep gel for longer time. Polish drys up quicky right... Gel won't.
5. Don't have to worry about the colors smudging since the UV light will cure the gel. And you know how you are worried about taking your bag or whatever after a manicure in case you spoil the polish, you don't have to worry about this, cause it's 100% "dry".
6. And the gel cleanser smells awesome.

And I can't rmb what else, I had another few points.

Close up...

And Kor picked me home. And we've got our first summon. The parking coupon expired while they were waiting for me at Maxwell market.

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