Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calgel Courses in Singapore [Japanese Class]

すみませんが...遅れて御免なさい,昨年の写真 ^.~
Hi Hi... Some photos from last year. Would post photos from other classes soon.. Sorry for delay..^.~

CalGel Foundation Course Sept 2009. [Japanese]
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PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy focus mainly on technical non-product training, but we also support some brands in their product education. One of our academy's Product Training Programs is the Official Calgel Certification from Japan.

We are authorized since 2007 by CalGel[Japan] to carry an array of course which trains & certifies all who desires to use Calgel for their nail services.
全国スクール情報はこちらNational Calgel School Information -

All Calgel classes must be taught by a Calgel[Japan] Certified Educator. Our Principal, Ms Rachel Tang is a Certified Calgel[Japan] Educator since 2007. Our academy education team also include Japanese Trainers certified by Calgel[Japan].

Our Classes are mostly catered to Japanese Students, as classes are conducted in Japanese & English Language. Local students are also welcomed. Students learn about the theory & practical of Calgel usage, they would also be given hands-on practical where the trainer would be on-hand next to them all the way.
*Sample Pix of Calgel Japan Certificate student receives.

All student would be issued a Certificate of Merit by Rachel after completing their test at the end of their course. The Certificate & ID students received is exactly the same as those issed in Japan.

Students can use their ID cards to purchase their Calgel goods directly from Japan or at our academy. Only students who had obtain the Calgel[Japan] Certification & ID card are allowed to make product purchases or attend any advance courses.


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~nails~nails~nails~ said...

Hello Anonymous,
Sorry we are not in NEW YORK.
We are in Singapore. visit us if you have the chance! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss,

i would like to know the location of your school and the price to take the nail training courses.

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~nails~nails~nails~ said...

Hi Ziyin!

Thank you for your interest!~ We are located at International Plaza. Do drop us an email at so that we can send you some details.

Thanks again~!

PinkRoom <3

louiiii said...

Great course here! It may be useful also to learn Japanese =) Learn Japanese In Singapore.. so far it seems to be 1 of the more affordable schools..

Anonymous said...

i moved to singapore last year, where can i get calgel in singapore.
i have license.