Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exploring New Gel Technology...Yipee!!

ごめんなさい... Sorry for not posting ... -(*.*)-
Been so busy lately with our overseas guests & advance nailart lessons...

However, did managed to find time to explore some latest-technology of nail products.
An*Gel Embossed Gel that can create 3D embossed art like acrylic can... but without the foul smell.
Also, there is more time to "play" around with the gel before "hardening" it in a UV lamp, perfect for those who do not know how to use acrylic nail system.

I'll uploaded some more
An*Gel embossed nail art onto photobucket site soon...
Click to check them out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PinkRoom Certificate Examination:March2009 (KL)

Juz finished marking our March Certificate Examination for Kuala Lumpur. Well done gals!The photos here are not complete... there's so many, I only put some here.
I've uploaded all the photos onto Photobucket, please feel free to grab your own photos. You should be able to see yourself in the batch of photos.
I'll try to post up our past examinations photos asap too.
All your results & certificates would be sent to the KL office by next week, you should be able to collect them soon.
For those that made it... Your hard work & practice can be seen.
For those that didn't make it... Please prepare yourself more with more self-practical sessions & practice.
If there's any questions on how to grab your photos, please leave a message on the ChatBoard, I'll answer you asap.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Competition Winnings - Singapore 2009

Nail Competition Winnings!
Our latest Competition Winnings in Singapore.
It was held in Suntec City. Unfortunately, I am not in Singapore... I was freezing in Korea.. Haha!

It is our school's tradition to take part in Nail Competitions every year, it ensures our trainers would not become slack & create exposure for all our students. It is also our tradition to try to win as many trophies as possible \(^.^)/ a goal for trainers & students to achieve together!!
Check out our
past winning photos...

1st Prize - Professional French Sculpture(Gel)
2nd Prize - Professional French Sculpture(Gel)
4th Prize - Professional French Sculpture(Gel)
3rd Prize - Professional Mix Media (Team of Students)
5th Prize - Professional Manicure

Disappointments & Achievements
French Sculpture (Gel or Acrylic) Category.
This category is 1 hand(5 Fingers) French Sculpture in Gel or Acrylic.
Our Academy had always concentrated & won for our Acrylics Extensions, so this time round we would like to challenge ourselves with Gel Sculptures. Gel Sculptures are usually thought to be harder to control as Gels are more "liquid & flowing" as compared to Acrylics.

The challenging part of this particular Nail Competition "topic" is that the organizers required the nails to be completed in 1 hour. This is deemed as quite impossible, I mean the usually international time allocated for French Sculpture is 90 minutes for 2 hands(10 nails), if divided equally is about 45 minutes each hand...

Although we won 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize for last year's Gel Category... it was very hard to achieve the type of standards we would like in such a short time. So last year, we suggested to the organizer, if they would like to follow international standard...request was rejected.

Even international competitors frens were commenting that there is not enough time & advice me that we should not participate as the standards might not be what we're looking at.

But I believe that there's no reason to blame the circumstances & complain about what's fair or what's supposed to be.. It is precisely that people think that it is impossible, that we need try to break the "normal thinking".
Like in Olympics, we need to break the perceived "world record"... it is a personal challenge for our academy. At least we must try... I can say our Chief Educator, Mr Joe Chua, is sure that we can excel our own limits.. He spend many many hours & time to come up with a technique that allows us to achieve our international standards within that 1 hour requirement.
We did it! Our team is able to complete everything in 1 hour....
He had already stopped competing in Singapore now, our role is to train our trainers & team to compete & win.
The satisfaction to see others excel is greater this way.

Then comes the disappointment part... nearly all of participants were unable to complete their nails although the time is up... Except our team and the person who won 3rd place.
Guess what happened?! Sigh...
When time is supposed to be up, the organizers announced that everyone is given an extra 10-15 minutes to finish, as some people cannot complete...

Hmm... the thing about any competition or exam or anything like this in nature, if you cannot finish your work, you are considered disqualified... Basically, that's the cruel truth when we participate overseas or anywhere that matters; at least that's how it's supposed to be..
Anyway, I was later told that the people who had already completed just looked at each other in disbelieve... I received a phone call in Korea & was told this is happening.. I was with a group of Koreans Nailist at that time, they saw my face & asked. When they heard what happened...they also stared at each other in disbelieve.

These are ppl who are Nail Judges & International Competitors & Champions; they've participate in numerous London, Japan, Sweden, USA, etc. competitions.
At that point, I was a bit sad as a Singaporean Nailist...
I just commented that we are still a growing industry in Singapore, we need to give it time to grow,etc...
If you thought that an extra 10 minutes would be useful, mean that everyone can have more time to do a nicer nails.. But unfortunately with Gel nails, once itz completely, there's really nothing much you can do...
Unless you'll wanna file the surface off again & redo your shape, which might take much more time.
So, it was not useful for people who had already completed.
On a bright note.. hopefully because of this "incident", the organizers would factor in the internationally allocated time for their competitions. Perhaps, it'll lead to an improvement of future nail competitions held in Singapore..I mean, organizing an event like this is not easy work too, it takes hard work & commitment. If there is no one in Singapore that is willing to do it, there's no platform for nailist to showcase their talents.
Whenever we comment or give our suggestions, we do so with the intention to help each other improve.
Whatever the case, we'll always participate to show our support for our local nail industry to grow & become of international standards. It is no use if just a few nailist is famous or successful, I hope the whole industry can rise up to be recognized & respected internationally. Well, that's our academy's goal.. we are still moving in that direction, I hope everyone would join us too! ... sounds like a quit-smoking advertisement..Haha!
Hmm.. I should seriously spend some time to do our own school's compeition soon...
That'll be fun!! I was told by many students that if I have a "Worst Nail Art Prize", coz everyone can do... Then many would sure sign-up to get the prize... Haha!!

View more photos here -