Friday, December 4, 2009

Nail Competition in Hong Kong 2009

Totally behind on all recent happenings & events. We had a great time last month during our last PinkRoom's School Trip to Hong Kong & Korea. It's fun to travel and compete in 2 international nails competitions, experience 2 different countries culture, 2 different countries' climate, touring & shopping all at once... It was an amazing experience!

Every student was amazing too, having to compete at two competitions meant double the stress & also double the luggage weight. Not to mention the amount of stuff bought during the many "shopping-till-5am" trips in Seoul...So you can imagine how over-weight the luggage were on the trip back to Singapore.

We had in total a whooping 6251 photographs from this trip!!! I can only pick and choose some...



Our Principal Rachel was there as a judge for many different categories!

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