Sunday, November 1, 2009

PinkRoomCup09 - Natural Nail Care: Judging & Finished Works

The Judging for Natural Nail Care Category is Open Floor Judging.
All contestants are to clear the competition area leaving the models at their seats with only number tags on their hands. The nails are judged during the entire manicure process from sanitation and disinfection procedures, filing of nail shape, cuticle cleaning and polishing techniques. The final manicured nails should have all fingernails in the same length and shape, neat & cleanly manicured nails and perfectly polished red nails.

1st Prize: [SIN07-1x5L] Jaslyn Ngo
2nd Prize: [SIN09-0x5D] Tan Su Fung
3rd Prize: [SIN09-0x6E] Wong Keet Yan

4th Prize: [SIN09-0x2C] Jenny Lee

5th Prize: [SIN09-0x7G] Eunice Quek

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