Saturday, November 28, 2009

PinkRoomCup09 - Nail Extensions: Judging & Finished Works

Nail Extensions' Judging:
The judge will have no knowledge of which contestants created which set of nails ~ models will be identified by randomly assigned numbers. Judges do not judge every aspect of the set. Each judge is given 3-4 points out of 10 to judge. This way they can concentrate on a few aspects of the nails, rather than all. This helps to keep the judging consistent and keep any one judge from drastically raising or lowering a competitor’s score, since they do not judge all 10 points.


1st Place - [SIN 09-0x0B] Tey Li Peng

2nd Place - [SIN 07-0x9E] Katherine Mah

3rd Place - [SIN 09-0x2C] Jenny Lee

4th Place - [SIN 09-0x5D] Tan Su Fung

5th Place - [SIN 06-0x4I] Roger Chng

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