Thursday, October 29, 2009

PinkRoomCup09 - Manicure Category

Just returned from Taiwan Judging a International Elite Nail Competition. So, no chance to blog... ^.^
Continuation of our PinkRoomCup 2009. The Manicure Category started early in the morning at about 9am, so hot coz the air con for the entire Expo Hall only starts at 10am... well there was a fan..haha.There was about 20 contestants for this category. Everyone is given 1 hour to complete a natural nail care service for both hands & to finish the 10 fingernails in red polish.

I'm very proud to say that every single contestants was very professional the entire duration of the competition, from their complete attire to their table-setup and their completed work. All of them are well-prepared due to their numerous assignments and assessment training at our academy's system. all hard work during school is worth it...Well done! ^.^

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