Saturday, October 17, 2009

PinkRoomCup09- Before & First Day ^.^

Finally... The photos \(^.*)/
Our Mega Event last month - PinkRoomCup 2009 at CozyCot's Holy Grail Party!!
Realised that there's too many photos, so would need to categorize them & post bit by bit. Would also post the rest of the pixs onto photobucket or facebook for you gals to grab.

First Day at the booth was work as usual, doing demos & course consultations. I was stationed on a stage to do demos & step-by-step explanations to the public.

Special thanks to all our dearest students who helped out at the booth and the manicure services for these 2 days. We couldn't have done it without all of you... ^.^ Thank You!!

When the day ended, it's still not over... we need rush back to the academy to prepare for the drama for the next day. The Fantasy Nail Art Presentation Show and also wrapping up the loose ends for our PinkRoomCup 09 competition tomorrow.
You can imagine the mess the academy was in prior to the event! Haha... We've prepared 4 sets of fantasy nail art for the Presentation Show on stage. Each with a different theme & look!

Everyone started working on it about 1 month before the date... nails, models, hair, makeup, clothes...the list goes on. Below is the japanese koi & crane theme, to be placed onto the nails of the model in the blue dress. Her hairpiece is not up yet...more tomorrow...

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