Thursday, October 8, 2009

PINKROOMCUP09 Aftermath...

Our Event at Holy Grail Party just completed and everyone is still recovering from it! There were some hiccups during the whole process, but all in all, it was great experience for everyone; from students, their frens & families, trainers and even myself.

So sorry for the delay in uploading for the event...we are still waiting for our professional photographer to pass us the photos & videos... I know the whole world had been asking to see the pics, but please bear for a few more days... kamsamida..

Once all the editing is done, I'll do a compilation and report of our PinkRoomCup09!! \(^.^)/

PinkRoomCup09 - Before & First Day ^.^ *link*
PinkRoomCup09 - Manicure Category *link
PinkRoomCup09 - Natural Nail Care: Judging & Finished Works *link
PinkRoomCup09 - Extension Categories *link
PinkRoomCup09 - Nail Extensions: Judging & Finished Works *link
PinkRoomCup09 - Fantasy Nail Art Stage Show *link
PinkRoomCup09 - Aftermath... *link*

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