Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drinking from clean well-water..

More Judging today...

You can see the increased competitors from the table seating map!! So many many!! Feet was so tired tired...haha.. nearly cannot walk. LOL ^.^

The Judging was planned to be curtain judging (*meaning that all judges can only see are the hands of the models & nothing else, which would make it a more fair judging for all competitors). But coz of time constrains from the enormous number of competitors, it became floor judging instead...

More hard work, coz have got to walk up & down the rows...

Revealed!! What we Judges eats before giving the verdict...LOL.

Food is delivered to the Judge room as we cannot go out. The "sushi" look-alike is called Gimbab. It's not made of seafood ingredients, but very very tasty!!

In the Judges Room, we are not allowed to leave the room so that we do not know which competitor seats where. But hey...I duno anyone of them anyway! so no much difference for me this time round.. haha...

Me with Head Judge Ms Kim Mi Won and World Champion Seo Sangmi.

This is Hye Jing, she did my nails yesterday...

With other pretty Korean Judges... also Ms Fiona, the other International Judge other than me. She is also President of Hong Kong Nail Association.

The certificate of appreciation for my presence as the International Judge for this competition.

Actually, I am very honoured to participate in this competition; so the appreciation is mutual.. I mean, it's not the first time I am judging internationally; but to me, I think the coming together for all 5 Associations in Korea is a significant process for all Koreans. To involve a foreigner like me in their process towards a unity in the Korean Nail Industry is kind. I think cooperation of all Korean Nail Associations is also the wish of their government & everyone in the Korean nailist industry.

As promised, the good news on the nail service for charity... we raised more than USD$5000!! Yeah! \(^.^)/We are still continuing to raise donations.. as the $5K is still some way from the target.

Our hopeful target is to donate a "Deep Well", which cost about $18,000... it's a great start though, and donations are still pouring in.

Everyone did good!!
You can see everyone's tired but happy faces!!

About the "Deep Well" - A deep well fitted with a hand pump can provide up to 2,800 gallons of safe water a day to benefit as many as 300 people! In many communities, clean water lies hundreds of feet below layers of hard rock. Children have no choice but to walk long distances to find water that is often dirty and disease-ridden. When our drilling teams strike water, entire villages erupt in celebration because a clean water source can cut a community’s child mortality rate by as much as half.
(*taken from World Vision website: http://donate.worldvision.org/OA_HTML/xxwv2ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=10373)

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