Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Inspired!! Step-By-Step Nail Art Book

Hi gals, I know everyone of you are cracking your brains for nail art ideas for our upcoming PINKROOMCUP '09.
~Juz thought to introduce these books for you to get your motor started. Although these books had been in our "PRINA-bookshop" since forever, I know some of you had not even take a peek at them before.
~The series of Bongsoonga Sontop Nail Art Books contains many different nail design, information and different types of nail shapes and techniques. Some books contains step-by-step tutorials on french sculpture, design sculptures, mixed media art, fantasty nail art, etc.

The school would be doing a PRINA VIP members discounts of 20%-50% discounts on these books, for a limited time only. Hopefully, it can help with your designs. Good Luck!! Come back to school to practise or prepare for the competition & we can have a chance to guide you along.

Bongsoonga Sontop Nail Art Book - Fly to The
Sky [- Volume 4]

Bongsoonga Sontop Nail Art Book - Volume 5

Bongsoonga Sontop Nail Art Book -
Fly to The Sky [- Volume 6]

I mentioned this book before in my previous blog: http://pinkroomint.blogspot.com/2009/05/more-of-bongsoonga-nail-art-book-volume.html

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