Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally able to post again!!

WHAT THE.... ^.^???
Was so unable to post for ages,feel so dumb dumb. But thanx to germaine who mentioned that by pressin ctrl + F5, it'll resolve the posting problem... and i tried & it worked... *__* feel so dumb. Anyway, if you have the same problem, give it a try too! it might get you out of the feet stuck in mud mood...

Anyway, the mixed media (level1) training would be on-going till the PINKROOMCUP'09 on 27th Sept.

You'll learn how to create the competition tips for mixed media nail art category to participate in any international nail competitions. Check out the poster images aboved. This class is also open for anyone that does not have any prior nail art training.

This will be an especially fun class; As there will be alot of hands-on and trainer guidance. It is guaranteed that you are able to achieve creating the nailart at the end of the class.

Training materials need to create the nail art is provided as part of the course fees and you'll have unlimited no. of hours to come back for your practical sessions.

In case you are unaware, the PINKROOMCUP'09 would be held in conjunction with CozyCot's Holy Grail Party at Expo Hall 6A. CozyCot is our Official Online Media Partner for this event.

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