Saturday, July 18, 2009

UMag Nail ArtFeature

UMag's special write-up feature on their magazine. They wanted a set of "not-drama nails", what most "normal" gals would like. *Sometimes hard to define "normal nails" coz, to me long nails with 3D embosed art and millions of rhinestones is very normal...haha! Reporter came down with photographer, we did Step-by-Step photo-shoot for them. Editor wanted a "how-to-do-it" article. Actually, we did 2 sets of nail designs.. they only used one set. Maybe next set for another article later.

This is an old classic design, quite common I think.. Usually done using an Acrylic Nail System. Difference is that this set of nails is created using AnGel Oragnic Soak-Off Gel Nail System. The blue stripes are gel polish which is painted over their white gel polish. The 3D embossed art can be done with either acrylic or gel. Then the rhinestones & bullion beads are added on last.

If time permits, will try put up the step-by-step on the making of this set of nails. Would you gals like to have that ^.-?
*Side note... The apple green container the model is holding, belongs to me..haha! I like the color so much, bought it in Korea. It's a thermal flask by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves. Really can keep warm or cold up to 10+ hours..yar, I know not relevant to nails..but thot to share good things mah..haha...

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