Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Student Salon Opening!! Misayaki Nail Salon

Actually dear student Kam(SIN09-xx2C) salon had been opened for a couple of months now... Would like to introduce her to everyone as all of their present gal staffs there are PRINA(Pink.Room.Int'l.Nail.Academy) students. I really liked the fact that they are very serious on the quality in their salon.
All had to passed their certificate exams in order for them to be considered for employment. I believe that quality skills really differentiates a salon's services, customers would appreciate and return... since they are paying the same money somewhere else, might as well pay to someone who can do a good job.
The salon have a really cozy ambiance... clean cut yet comfortable.
I love the crystal chandelier in the middle of the salon, if only I can have one of those in our school....hahaha.. that would be funny. But, once you've sat on their big Pedi-sofa, you sort-of sink into a big comfy mushmellow... hehe..
Then the Koncept Z-Bar LED Lamps... cool!! I'm a totally techno-geek (can't tell i know..) anyway, the original Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp won mutliple awards.

The ones the salon used should be the warm-white model, it uses a higher wattage LEDs than the original Z-Bar, the High Power Z-Bar saves energy, emits more light, and lasts longer. The great thing about this Lamp is that its intensity is tempered by a 4-step dimmer, so you can adjust the amount of light needed as natural light changes throughout the day... oki oki... enough about the lamp... ^__^

I forgot to mentioned... they are one of the salons that oso offers color soak off gels. So if you are wondering what that is, trot on down to give this new technology a try... color gel is very much like your normal nail polishes, just that it can last more than 10 days!!!
Well, dun take my word for it... if you are staying around Bendemeer MRT, do drop by this quaint salon and get pampered in a sanitized and cozy environment... oso, you'll be able to check out PRINA gals skills too!! haha...I'm sure hope you'll be pleased. ^.^

Please drop me a note after your experiences...

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