Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mixed Media Nail Art - PI

Considering our upcoming activities at PINKROOM... and with Diploma Exam just around the corner. As an inspiration and motivation, I thought it's good to put up some a series of Mixed Media Nail Art created by Trainers and Students over the past years. Most had participated in various international nail competitions and some had won various awards!!

As the school does not teach competition mixed media nail art, these entire nail art are done out of the standard syllabus teaching. Do not worry, the mixed media nail art required for the Diploma Exams are not so complicated, there is just not enough time.

I’ll blog more about the process needed for the completion of a mixed media nail art for nail competitions later. Hmm… maybe I should start putting up step-by-step “how-to” process…
Creators of these mixed media nail art series are: Nicole, Yumi, Clara(sin06-xx4H),Berry(SIN08-xx3A), Judia(SIN08-xx2B), Louis(KL08-xx7F).

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