Saturday, July 11, 2009

Design Sculpture- Bridal French Twist

Latest Design Sculpture Design by our Chief Educator, Joe Chua, for our next issue on 姐妹magazine. I thought that it's cool to do a Bridal French Twist look for that issue.
The model's nails are extended using an acrylic powder & liquid system. Instead of the normal white french manicured tips, we used pink & white to create the curve designs which are all focused on the front tips of the nails. This enabled her fingers to look more slender and skinny, which is what we need for our photo-shoot.
(Product sponsored by Charisma Innovations Nail Systems)

Really love our dear dear model(Little Missy Chelsea), she's one of the most co-operative person that we've ever done nails for... No complains and totally co-operative to our request during the photo shoots. Very sweet gal... she runs her own shopping spree. I'll post her pix & link soon. Anyway, for now... enjoy the pix!

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