Thursday, July 23, 2009

3D Embossed Art Using Gel

Since someone asked about embossed gel classes, thot to explain wat it's about. This was done as a demo last week for our exhibition in KL.

It's design sculpture totally created using gel. As most gel are liquid in nature & thus unable to achieve a 3D embossed effect, so we used An*Gel Embossed Gel to do it. It's the only gel system in the world that can create 3D effect, using the technique normally used for with acrylic nail systems.

You extends the nail, using their purple gradient colors. Then use a brush to press out the 3D petals and "harden"it under the UV Light. If you find that you do not like the petals you've created, you can scrap it away (before you harden it) and start again. Unlike acyclic system, which hardens very fast; you have all the time in the whole to "play" with your flower dummy proof! Yeah!

Then a layer of clear gel covers the entire design & the 3D embossed art is encapsulated in-between the gel layers. The shine would stay & stay, even if you touch polish removal or huh?

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