Thursday, July 30, 2009


This year's PINKROOMCUP 2009 would be held in conjuction with CozyCot's Holy Grail Party at S'pore Expo Hall 6A!! An event not to be missed!!

Registration is open! So please email for your registration pack for application form & detail rules & regulations. There would be 2 Pre-Competition Workshop for those not so confident about Category D & E. Please check back for updates.

Click on the poster link to go to for more regular updates.

Countdown begans...

School is open for practice!!

See you there!!

It's the time to challenge yourself!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something Sweet & Nice.... ^.^

Donuts, Strawberries, Candies & Ice-creams...

3D Embossed Art Using Gel

Since someone asked about embossed gel classes, thot to explain wat it's about. This was done as a demo last week for our exhibition in KL.

It's design sculpture totally created using gel. As most gel are liquid in nature & thus unable to achieve a 3D embossed effect, so we used An*Gel Embossed Gel to do it. It's the only gel system in the world that can create 3D effect, using the technique normally used for with acrylic nail systems.

You extends the nail, using their purple gradient colors. Then use a brush to press out the 3D petals and "harden"it under the UV Light. If you find that you do not like the petals you've created, you can scrap it away (before you harden it) and start again. Unlike acyclic system, which hardens very fast; you have all the time in the whole to "play" with your flower dummy proof! Yeah!

Then a layer of clear gel covers the entire design & the 3D embossed art is encapsulated in-between the gel layers. The shine would stay & stay, even if you touch polish removal or huh?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

UMag Nail ArtFeature

UMag's special write-up feature on their magazine. They wanted a set of "not-drama nails", what most "normal" gals would like. *Sometimes hard to define "normal nails" coz, to me long nails with 3D embosed art and millions of rhinestones is very normal...haha! Reporter came down with photographer, we did Step-by-Step photo-shoot for them. Editor wanted a "how-to-do-it" article. Actually, we did 2 sets of nail designs.. they only used one set. Maybe next set for another article later.

This is an old classic design, quite common I think.. Usually done using an Acrylic Nail System. Difference is that this set of nails is created using AnGel Oragnic Soak-Off Gel Nail System. The blue stripes are gel polish which is painted over their white gel polish. The 3D embossed art can be done with either acrylic or gel. Then the rhinestones & bullion beads are added on last.

If time permits, will try put up the step-by-step on the making of this set of nails. Would you gals like to have that ^.-?
*Side note... The apple green container the model is holding, belongs to me..haha! I like the color so much, bought it in Korea. It's a thermal flask by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves. Really can keep warm or cold up to 10+ hours..yar, I know not relevant to nails..but thot to share good things mah..haha...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mixed Media Art II

Part II of the previous Mixed Media Nail Art Blog. This is one of the category for our up-coming PINKROOM CUP'09 nail competition. You submit it to us pre-done in a box. Which means you can start designing your nail art and do it before the competition. You do not need to do "on-the-spot" style of competing. Not so stressed rite?
I'm sure everyone's should have received your mailers on PINKROOM CUP'09 by now.
Details of PINKROOM CUP'09 would be up soon. So check back again!
Check out some past winnings and entries to various international competitions by our students.
Enjoy! \(^,^)/

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Design Sculpture- Bridal French Twist

Latest Design Sculpture Design by our Chief Educator, Joe Chua, for our next issue on 姐妹magazine. I thought that it's cool to do a Bridal French Twist look for that issue.
The model's nails are extended using an acrylic powder & liquid system. Instead of the normal white french manicured tips, we used pink & white to create the curve designs which are all focused on the front tips of the nails. This enabled her fingers to look more slender and skinny, which is what we need for our photo-shoot.
(Product sponsored by Charisma Innovations Nail Systems)

Really love our dear dear model(Little Missy Chelsea), she's one of the most co-operative person that we've ever done nails for... No complains and totally co-operative to our request during the photo shoots. Very sweet gal... she runs her own shopping spree. I'll post her pix & link soon. Anyway, for now... enjoy the pix!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mixed Media Nail Art - PI

Considering our upcoming activities at PINKROOM... and with Diploma Exam just around the corner. As an inspiration and motivation, I thought it's good to put up some a series of Mixed Media Nail Art created by Trainers and Students over the past years. Most had participated in various international nail competitions and some had won various awards!!

As the school does not teach competition mixed media nail art, these entire nail art are done out of the standard syllabus teaching. Do not worry, the mixed media nail art required for the Diploma Exams are not so complicated, there is just not enough time.

I’ll blog more about the process needed for the completion of a mixed media nail art for nail competitions later. Hmm… maybe I should start putting up step-by-step “how-to” process…
Creators of these mixed media nail art series are: Nicole, Yumi, Clara(sin06-xx4H),Berry(SIN08-xx3A), Judia(SIN08-xx2B), Louis(KL08-xx7F).

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Please note that the 2009 Diploma Exam Seminar Dates are as follows:

25.07.09 [Sat] - 2:30pm
27.07.09 [Mon] - 6:30pm

During the Diploma Exam Seminar, you would be able to know the examination details. The theme for this year's nail art and other tips & tricks to look out for.
Trainers would also demo the technical aspect needed for the exam, pointing out the areas where there would be point deductions,etc.
Please do call to inform front desk the dates you are coming.
Also, do remember to register for your diploma exam.
It is not auto-registration for PRINA VIP students.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Student Salon Opening!! Misayaki Nail Salon

Actually dear student Kam(SIN09-xx2C) salon had been opened for a couple of months now... Would like to introduce her to everyone as all of their present gal staffs there are PRINA(Pink.Room.Int'l.Nail.Academy) students. I really liked the fact that they are very serious on the quality in their salon.
All had to passed their certificate exams in order for them to be considered for employment. I believe that quality skills really differentiates a salon's services, customers would appreciate and return... since they are paying the same money somewhere else, might as well pay to someone who can do a good job.
The salon have a really cozy ambiance... clean cut yet comfortable.
I love the crystal chandelier in the middle of the salon, if only I can have one of those in our school....hahaha.. that would be funny. But, once you've sat on their big Pedi-sofa, you sort-of sink into a big comfy mushmellow... hehe..
Then the Koncept Z-Bar LED Lamps... cool!! I'm a totally techno-geek (can't tell i know..) anyway, the original Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp won mutliple awards.

The ones the salon used should be the warm-white model, it uses a higher wattage LEDs than the original Z-Bar, the High Power Z-Bar saves energy, emits more light, and lasts longer. The great thing about this Lamp is that its intensity is tempered by a 4-step dimmer, so you can adjust the amount of light needed as natural light changes throughout the day... oki oki... enough about the lamp... ^__^

I forgot to mentioned... they are one of the salons that oso offers color soak off gels. So if you are wondering what that is, trot on down to give this new technology a try... color gel is very much like your normal nail polishes, just that it can last more than 10 days!!!
Well, dun take my word for it... if you are staying around Bendemeer MRT, do drop by this quaint salon and get pampered in a sanitized and cozy environment... oso, you'll be able to check out PRINA gals skills too!! haha...I'm sure hope you'll be pleased. ^.^

Please drop me a note after your experiences...

Misayaki Website: