Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Before & After

Dear PRINA gals,
See what a properly sculptured nail extension can create to a set of short-fat fingernails.
With the proper techniques and application, nail extensions(both acrylic & gel) can look more natural than your real nails.
Girls with short stubby fingers should opt for longer nails, so as to create the illusion of slender long fingers. If there is no knowledge of proper nail structure, it is impossible to create that look that we always require from you gals. Thus, your extension theory class is very important!! If you missed it, please please go for your make-up class. (^__^)
You need to know which part of the nail extension needs to be thick and which area needs to be thin... I cannot emphasize the importance of creating "natural looking fakes"... Like I always say, if you wanna go for plastic surgery, you'll be so upset if everyone can tell that your nose or boobs are fake...hehe... same for nail extensions.
At PinkRoom Nail Academy, you're required to do more sculpture nails than tips-overlay, coz itz the most difficult to be good at... It also happens to be the most difficult to teach.
You'll be sure that the two ladies in the pixs would definitely want all their nails to be extended as compared to their real short nails...
So 加油 for your Diploma Exam Preparations!! \(^.^)/

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