Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Modified PinkRoom Apron Design ^.^

Saw another New Apron Design!! A very cute student wearing a modified apron design for her manicure class... The usual PinkRoom apron is kindda long, to fit the range of student heights.
Kyan (SIN09-xx6E : middle gal with the pink apron) had her mom shorten her apron and added cute white lace on the edge!! Her mom also ironed on flowers and stars onto the front too! I think she got a sweet mom...
Let's have a poll if we should organize a "PRINA Apron Design Contest" ?!! Hmm... everyone can let their creativity flow.... ^.^

Trainer is commenting she would need to be careful during her pedicure, if not customers nose-bleed... The two drama-mama beside her is nominated for this year's Oscar Awards...hahaha!!!

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