Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Before & After

Dear PRINA gals,
See what a properly sculptured nail extension can create to a set of short-fat fingernails.
With the proper techniques and application, nail extensions(both acrylic & gel) can look more natural than your real nails.
Girls with short stubby fingers should opt for longer nails, so as to create the illusion of slender long fingers. If there is no knowledge of proper nail structure, it is impossible to create that look that we always require from you gals. Thus, your extension theory class is very important!! If you missed it, please please go for your make-up class. (^__^)
You need to know which part of the nail extension needs to be thick and which area needs to be thin... I cannot emphasize the importance of creating "natural looking fakes"... Like I always say, if you wanna go for plastic surgery, you'll be so upset if everyone can tell that your nose or boobs are fake...hehe... same for nail extensions.
At PinkRoom Nail Academy, you're required to do more sculpture nails than tips-overlay, coz itz the most difficult to be good at... It also happens to be the most difficult to teach.
You'll be sure that the two ladies in the pixs would definitely want all their nails to be extended as compared to their real short nails...
So 加油 for your Diploma Exam Preparations!! \(^.^)/

Friday, June 19, 2009

Petit Nail Diary Anniversary Promotion! \(^.^)/

Dear [sin06-xx4H] Clara's Petit Nails Salon is 3 years old!! Like in any type of biz, it's not an easy journey... 加油!!

The promotion is on till the end of this month. So do give Clara a call if you wanna pretty-pretty-up your nails. Click to go to her blog.
Every frustration, tears, laughter adds to one's bucket of life experiences. Doing your own biz is walking an unknown path, full of surprises and ambushes...but it sure beats a path that's repetitive, boring and have a totally expected ending...

I'm writing these as an encouragement to the gal out there who's at life's cross-junction. Who doesn't know if she should listen to that small-still-voice inside her heart to give her dreams a'll never know the answer if you dun take the first step. Even if you were to fail, at least thatz an answer too; sure beats wondering "what if..."

If you've taken that step and in the midst of all the self-doubts & cold-water "encouragements", you're starting to wonder: maybe itz a wrong step, maybe itz not meant to be, a thousand maybes... actually you know the answer to all the maybes; coz that small-still-voice is still there.

I can just say that you need only answer to yourself; if by giving up, you can face the thot of not doing what you enjoy doing for the rest of the 30-40 years you are alive... then you should just let go, coz you've reached the end of that dream, it does not stir passion in you any more.

If you cannot bear the agony of that thot, that means your present "misery" is nothing compared to the regrets of not continuing on your road, it means you've not reached the point... so just hang on, the storms would turn to a beautiful rainbow with chirping birds.

Anyway, I'll be here if you'll need a shoulder to cry on, or a listening ear and a "motivating" scolding, to wake up those ideas! hahaha... "有时,复杂的不是问题,而是看问题的眼睛。"

Friday, June 12, 2009

May 2009 Certificate Examination

Those who registered for May'09 Certificate Exam would receive an email password for you to download the rest of your photos from PHOTOBUCKET. Please email me directly for your password to download your pix! []

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diploma 2009

Exam Registrations would be over the counter, so you'll need to drop by with your student ID. Please do contact us if you have any queries: +65-62201592/+65-63481592.

It is compulsory to attend your Diploma Exam Seminar for this year's exam questions and theme. Also, there would be demos & exam tips given during the seminar... all these are free-of-charge, so do turn up.

Do come for your self-practical sessions, even if you are from year 2003. You'll need the practice to prepare yourself for the Diploma Exams. Any questions, please call or email us. You can email me directly at:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eden Nail Cottage New Branch!!

Student's New Salon Opening!!
Was invited to our another dear student, Sharon Ong (SIN08-xxxE) salon's new branch opening.Her 1st salon is at International Plaza Level 2.

This is her 2nd branch with her partner.

Although it's situated in a HDB area, but I am impressed with her team of staff! They are ultra-friendly and sweet. She said that she insisted that all of them follow wat she learn at PinkRoom, especially the cleaniness, sanitation & disinfection part... It's good habits to follow in this "H1N1" period.

So if anyone of you are around Bedok North area, you can drop by & visit their shop.
They seemed to be having a birthday promotions for all birthday gals & guys!!

It had been a hard process to set up this new branch, but you did great and we are all proud of you!! Kambade!

Eden Nail Cottage:
Bedok North St 3. Tel - +65.6876-0234
International Plaza. Tel - +65.6225-5258

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Modified PinkRoom Apron Design ^.^

Saw another New Apron Design!! A very cute student wearing a modified apron design for her manicure class... The usual PinkRoom apron is kindda long, to fit the range of student heights.
Kyan (SIN09-xx6E : middle gal with the pink apron) had her mom shorten her apron and added cute white lace on the edge!! Her mom also ironed on flowers and stars onto the front too! I think she got a sweet mom...
Let's have a poll if we should organize a "PRINA Apron Design Contest" ?!! Hmm... everyone can let their creativity flow.... ^.^

Trainer is commenting she would need to be careful during her pedicure, if not customers nose-bleed... The two drama-mama beside her is nominated for this year's Oscar Awards...hahaha!!!