Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bongsoonga Nail Art Book Volume 6

The nails on the top of the banner is from our Bongsoonga-Sontop Nouvelle Vague
[Nail Art Book Volume 6]

This is an annual Nail Art Book that we do every year for the International Market. It is a once a year thing where we come together to research new techniques & come up with new designs to create.
Most of the photos are bought by companies to be used for their product posters or advertisements. In case you are wondering... The book is for sale!
The whole process is a very challenging one... From the designing on paper to the final photo shoot, I can say it is very memorable & interesting!
Especially, I did my design during the coldest time in Korea... I remember it was about -10° to -17° at that time, I was especially miserable coz I am so so cold... Korean's winter is different from Japan's. It is very cruel type of cold that goes into the bones.

I did it using the latest AnGel Pro System[Organic Soak-off Gel] from Korea... That is the first time I got in touch with this organic gel that can soak-off! Anyway, the manufacturer sponsored the products for my entire creation... so of course I am alright to research & design something using their products... hehe.. \^.^/...
So, here's a special mention & big thanks for my sponsor... Kam-Sa-Mi-Da!!

My initial idea was using our Chinese Culture's Paper Cutting techniques. As I was the only non-Korean person in the entire book, I wanted to introduce Chinese Culture to the world. As usual, what started out as your idea would surely evolved into something more interesting.. So it is with my designs. I need to incorporate the design to be "make-able" using the new gel system, also it must be something that would also suit the international market that we usually sell the book to...

Thus, the final design... The entire 5 nails are created totally using the AnGel Pro System.

I am quite very happy with the final results.. Hope you all are too!

Here's the behind the scene photo shoot session with my dear model.

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