Friday, March 13, 2009

America's Next Top Model Winner

Was woken up by a call to do up a model's nails for a photo shoot...
yawn.. normal normal request..
Guess who walked into our academy..Nicole Linkletter
Winner of America's Next Top Model 5

She was supposed to be the model on a photo shoot for a jewelry advertisement and needed instant natural-looking long nails. Many close-up shots required, so nails must look like "real-nails"!!

Hmmm... Let me see your nails... Yikes!! They are making an understatement when they mentioned that her nails are ok...

As 99% of models tend to have "not-so perfect nails", it is just that type of nails that our Master Educator Joe Chua loves... (o.o)"... all PinkRoom students are nodding their heads in agreement now.. haha.. He likes to excel himself...

Mr Joe Chua, as usual loves the challenge & instead of pasting full nail

tips to extend her nails, did a set of acrylic sculpture nail extensions on her.

All her nail bed are extremely short and bitten into her fingers, plus the fact that some nails are "growing upwards", they are quite a challenge to extend using the nail forms.

before & after pixs..

You'll never be able to tell she had really really short
Heard that the photo shoot turned out great, would post the final photograph when I get them.

So... Never believe every single thing on TV or Magazines..haha.. all the beauty & glamour is a result of many many dedicated artist and effects behind the scene..

Thatz what I see in my years behind the scenes of photo-shoots & TV commercials. You'll be amazed by their before makeup & after makeup looks..

So if you think you are not pretty, you just had not met the correct make-up,hair & nails artist..
Hmm.. you'll also need a good professional photographer, director,etc.. haha..

Any gal would look good with a good team of artist behind her... I mean many many models nails turned to beautiful hand after we worked on them.. Yeah! \(^.^)/ it is the accomplishment after the challenge.

I mean Nicole returned the next day to get her extensions removed. As she came straight to us after the photo shoot, she looked totally different from the previous day without make-up. She is really so pretty and sweet looking... like wat you see on tv.

Kiddos to her winning the America's Next Top Model Title!

I mean going through all those stuff on national TV must had boosted her life experiences. She's so tired from the shoot yet still look so fresh, the title had indeed brought her many many jobs & during her short stay here, she did like up-to 20+ jobs.
And now, she'll be moving on to another country for other jobs..

Envy? .. yar! ... for being so skinny.. haha..

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