Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Just another day~

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Junying [SIN08-xx3F]
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just another day~

hello all! im here to blog FINALLY~

i jus finish filing nail tips for my homework.. :) gonna practice painting after this!

got lots of pictures! all in random order.. i cant remember when i took some of the photos =x

this is my "work station" for my nail classes and self practice~

my classmate Dawn doing manicure for her mum~ took her almost 2 hrs to do it.. we jus learn so we're really slow! exam time is only 50min!

jewel darling is growing bigger and bigger! so cute~

ok this set is done within 40min, but i tok 1 hr to do it.. teacher requirements, 2 red and 5 french~ it sucks!

my french i need to practice.. its not good and e sides are all dirty. i hav no time to clean it~

teacher says my painting is not bad but im slow.. hahas~ exam slow still considered FAIL.

pedicure done within 50min.. exam is 60min~ i was asked to stop at 50min so i left sides not clean too! hahas.. later i shall explain why got timing difference why exam 60min now only 50min?
at manicure class while learning to cut cuticles, dawn and i didnt bring our manicure bowls so we had to share..

pretty dawn! shes 24 and shes married to a Japanese!! hahas and she has a daughter..
her life is perfect la!
from the picture i think u can see the difference of both nails, one with cuticles cutted and one is FILLED with cuticles (both my fingers), im the cuticle queen, dawn says my cuticle grow while she cuts.. never ending!
random day at work!