Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Folk Art (Basic to Advance) Nail Art Class

Welcoming Spring with our Principal Rachel at our upcoming FOLK ART Class!  
Learn the unique Folk Art techniques on controlling the Brush Strokes & Color Combination... with Gel!!

This CNY, wow your clients with these one-of-a-kind art techniques! 
One brush, one stroke~ Many different flowers & looks! ðŸ’

 8th & 9th February 2018 • 12-6pm 

Register now as seats are limited!
Call +65-6220 1592 or Whatsapp +65 9656 4821

Folk Art (Basic to Advance) Nail Art Class

Monday, January 22, 2018








在开始前,考生们都认真的听着校长讲解关于考试的题目及注意事项。你是否也感觉到房间里的焦虑这也是他们考试的一部分! 祝他们好运!!




和我们的教授JOE CHUA考核。


让我们给 #PRINA美甲师 一个表扬,表扬她们的勤劳与努力。我们很自豪地宣布她们的都表现得很好!我们希望看到她们继续朝着她们的梦想努力,记住要常回来拜访我们哦!

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


From the time these students first walked into PinkRoom to this day, they have grown by leaps and bounds, urging towards their dreams. ⛅ Breaking out of your comfort zone is the pathway to growth.

After months of practices and effort they put in, it's time for their examinations!

Going through the examinations and strict assessments by PinkRoom prepared our students for the requests by salon-goers. At Pink Room, we comply with a high standard of nail education. You can be sure that all our graduates have the highest level of skill and aptitude, and also the good way to determine how much you have learned and achieved in your nail journey. 

All the manicurists prepared and gotten ready with their personal tools, which they had been using for their lessons too. 

Imagine the anxiety and tension prior to entering the Exam hall! I'm sure they are excited at the same time nervous.They put in extra efforts to practice to do well for the exams so as not to disappoint their teachers & their supporters ( 💕 family & friends 💕 )! 

Prior to the examinations, many students were in school practising. The school welcomes students to practice. This will allow students to be able to check with the teacher if they face any problems.

They were briefed by Principal Rachel on the exam topic before they start. You could feel the anxiety in the room while they are setting up their table... This is part of their exam too! All the best and good luck to them!! 

Look at how concentrated they are.

Right after the exam, the whole school was filled with excitement, chatters of students started sharing their experiences during the exam! 

Once done, the nails were checked by our
Principal Rachel, and Master Educator Joe. 

This marked the end of a super long day! 

Let's give the #PRINAnailists a pat on their back for their hard work. We are proud to announce that u guys did a great job! We hope to see them continue to strive toward their dream, and remember to visit us!

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank you for an awesome 2017! 🎉

🎉 2017 was yet another happy year for PinkRoom! We celebrated rounds of Graduation Ceremonies to appreciate & acknowledge our Graduates hard work. And happy to have been invited by our Grads to their Salons' grand openings.

Together with our PRINAgals, we took part in many fundraising events & community service works to give back to our society. We are happy to do our part using our skills & team spirit! ðŸ’•

And not forgetting our team's competition winnings in Russia and Hong Kong! ðŸ†

We watched our students & grads strived! & we celebrate their success! All of you are part of enriching PinkRoom! ðŸ‘

Happy 2018! May PinkRoom continue to create many more success stories!!
 #pinkroomnails #family#team💕

新的一年即将来到,我们所有Pinkroom国际美甲学院的同仁要向所有的过去,现在及未来的学生表示衷心的感谢,并祝愿新的一年的每一天都能带给你好运, 快乐,幸福和繁荣。

2017年的PinkRoom又一个快乐的一年! 我们庆祝毕业典礼,感谢毕业生的辛勤劳动。 我们也很高兴被毕业生们邀请到他们的沙龙的开幕式。

我们也参与了很多筹款活动和社区服务工作,回馈社会。 我们很高兴能用我们的技能和团队精神尽我们的一份力量!💕


我们看着我们的学生和毕业生奋斗! 我们庆祝他们的成功!谢谢你们,因为你们让PinkRoom更精彩!👏

2018年快乐!希望PinkRoom继续创造更多的成功案例! #pinkroomnails#家庭#团队

🌟另外请注意,我们将于2018å¹´1月1日关闭, 2018年见! 明年见👋

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Season is here!

  ☃️ Who doesn't like Christmas? ☃️
This design is done by one of our student during their assignment!
Can you believe that these works are done by students who JUST completed their Diploma course.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Graduation Ceremony November 2017

Congratulations to our Graduates!

The Pinkroom International Nail Academy recently threw a Graduation Ceremony for 2017's last batch of graduates on the 20th of November 2017.

It has been a long road for these lovely ladies who are now OFFICIALLY certified with a Diploma in Professional Nail Technology, which is a comprehensive course that encompasses the necessary knowledge and skills needed by a professional nail technician.

Our students have learnt and completed practical sessions coupled with detailed theory explanations throughout their course. Being certified by EduTrust, Pinkroom International Nail Academy has been deemed to have consistently maintain high standards in key areas of management and in the provision of education services. Our graduates are now confidently able to move on and even set up a nail salon business with thepractical Salon Business Management skills that was taught as part of the Diploma course.

Now moving on to the fun part! We were all set up with the decorations and food ready and waiting for our lovely Graduates. You could feel the excitement in the air as everyone registered and started arriving with their family and friends.

Happy chatter filled the air as everyone gathered in the room and helped themselves to the buffet spread! YUM. Things are always better when there's food, right?

It was our Principal Rachel's as well as Master Joe's turn to give their speeches! It was the time to inspire and encourage our girls before they move on into the big world and spread their wings on a new and exciting journey! We are sure they will go far in their careers with their Diploma and can't help but feel proud of their accomplishment so far, and they know that they are always welcome should they need us!


OK - seems like everyone is motivated and raring to go, waiting for the next moment… Awarding the certification!

Look at all the happy faces!

We are happy to have been a part of all of their learning journeys and look forward to attending more salon openings in future!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

PRINA Exam : October 2017

In a previous post, we had written about our super-fun Graduation Ceremony! We thought you'd like to know what happened during our PRINA Examination Day. With detailed teaching and all the practice hours put in, the students were well-prepared!

All the students and their models gather in the main foyer for registration. All the manicurists will then start to prepare their trays. We're sure this will remind a lot of you of your exam days back in school as well, yes?

Manicurists were preparing for registration and getting themselves ready before the exam hall is open.   

Inside the room, anticipation builds as the manicurists are briefed by Principal Rachel on the instructions and the exam topic.

The practical exam commences! *Bites nails - ok not actually because why would we be biting our manicured nails but you get the picture* 

Manicurists were be tested on Manicure and Nail Extensions on this day... 
Voila!! Once nails have been done, the marking process will commence with the models. Look at the intense focus! The nails were checked by our Principal Rachel, and Master Educator Joe.

Manicurists also go through their theory exam after the practical, so it was a long day indeed for everyone!


We'd like to thank our students for their hard work. We were happy to see the talent and progress everyone was making. All the students have shown dedication and passion to their art and we hope to see more beautiful work from them in future!